15 11 2012

I’m feeling slightly guilty that I haven’t updated this blog for a while, it’s looking slightly neglected.

As you may know I recently go married to H, which is probably more exciting to me than it is to you.  Anyway, for our Honeymoon we went to Indochina on a G adventures tour for 3 weeks.  A lot of poeple have asked why we went on a group tour for our honeymoon, there are a lot of reasons.

Firstly, we wanted to go somewhere different, and this tour let us do it in the best way. Secondly, it takes all of the hassle of trying to get to different places, if we had been on our own we would have still been at the Cambodian Border wondering which queue we should get in.  Thirdly, and probably most importantly, if we had gone on our own for 3 weeks, we probably would have ended up divorced, travelling with a partner can be stressful.

It was a gamble, as we could have been in a group with 15 18 year olds on their “Gap Yah, looking for the cultural, spiritual and the best Cash to Lash ratio” (search youtube for Gap Yah to understand that reference).  As it turned out, we hit the jackpot, we had a great group of people led by Chen, who was brilliant.

We spent 24 hours in Bangkok before travelling across the border into Cambodia.  We spent 6 days there Seeing the sights of Phnom Penh, the beaches of Sihanoukville and the incomparable wonder of Angkor Wat (which I could have spent 6 days in on it’s own).

From Cambodia we went into Vietnam for 14 days where a world of night trains, long days, stunning scenery and beaches awaited us, topped of by a day cruising and Kayaking in Halong Bay and a night in a 5 star hotel in Hanoi.

Altogether this was a brilliant 3 weeks in which we both fell in love with the region and we both can’t wait to go back again.

Sorry it’s short, I’ll write again soon.  I promise.

Mental Couple of Months.

10 08 2012

Ahoy, it’s been a while (again). I make no apologies, because I have been really busy. Here are some of the things that I haven’t had time to write about.

Firstly, my Wedding (I got married on the 27th July) and the amazing day that we both had. I know that everybody says that about their wedding, but it was true.

Secondly, my Stag do(s). The first to St. Davids in Wales, where a group of my best friends (women included) organised a weekend getaway. The second was to 2000 Trees festival, which I loved despite the mud and having to leave early. 4 of us went to that.

After the wedding came the honeymoon (or mini-moon as we only went for 3 days) to Paris. We did the usual touristy stuff, but also some other bits and pieces that we wanted to, like the Catacombes under Montparnasse cemetary, and Pere Lechaise to see the graves of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Modigliani.

All of this is on top of the busy period in the office with graduations and new student admissions.

It’s still going to be busy for the next few monts, but I will try and write a bit more. In 3 weeks we are going to The End of The Road Festival, which is our wedding present from my group of excellent friends. Then in 7 weeks, we have the honeymoon proper, which we booked yesterday. We are heading to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for 21 days. Which will be amazing.

All in all, I’m having fun at the moment. I hope that you are too.