8.36. He should be sacked by now.

22 11 2007

OK, lets forget the result.  It was a shambles.  An emergency meeting has been scheduled by the FA for 8.30am.  My guess is that Maclaren will be out.  I can’t be bothered to be rude, its all been said before and I might start to go off on one.

Still good riddence, and can we have Mourinho please!  No you can’t have Harry, we’ve got Birmingham to beat at the weekend.


The business of England

20 11 2007

I am by no means a supporter of Steve Maclaren, I have always thought that he was the wrong man for the England job, but for some reason I have been thinking about this from a purely business point of view.

When they sacked Sven, surely that should have heralded a complete change in the system.  In a business, when there is an underperforming department and the bosses decide to sack whoever is in charge, you don’t promote the guy who works underneath.  Businesses would fail.

Unfortunatley  England have been saved by Israel.  I say unfortunate, it means that we are going to be stuck with Maclaren for the next 2 years.