Twitter Reading

2 01 2012

It always takes me so long to pick the books that I am going to read, so I came up with a good idea (possibly) and that is for other people to tell me what to read.  The idea came from the Dice Man where I would make 6 choices and then put it up to fate (well, my followers on Twitter to decide what I read for the coming year).

Here is what happens, I take a photo of the 6 books that I can’t decide between, this way I can at least make sure that I read series in the correct order) and then put it on Twitter.  The first reply that I get telling me what to read, is what I read.  Simple.

It’s working out so far.  The 1st book that was chosen was Adventures on the High Teas by Stuart Maconie, and the 2nd is a book about odd science experiments called Elephants On Acid.

I’ll keep you informed about how this turns out. 

If you want to join in @andyspex



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