John Carter of Mars

10 05 2011

Most people will have heard of Edgar Rice Burroughs, or at least his most famous creation, Tarzan.  Most people probably won’t of heard of his John Carter series of books.  Written in 1912 they are so far ahead of their time, and now I have read the first one, I can see so many references in Sci-Fi Books and films.

The story revolves around John Carter, a Soldier from the American Civil war, who after being chased by Indians, ends up in a mysterious cave where he succombs to a Green Gas.  He then wakes up on Mars, where because of the gravity differences he has almost super powers (the ability to jump 200 feet and super strength), which he puts to good use to fight the Green Men of Mars and rescue the Princess of the Red Men (its what they are called in the books), Dejah Thoris.

This is a really great Sci-Fi book, and luckily I have the next 4 to read (out of 12) which took me a long time to track down.  This book has also been rumoured to be in production to be made into a film, but so far it hasn’t happened.  Personally I think it would be great, but the problem being the references that other films have taken from it.  You can guarantee that people would think that it has copied bits from the Star Wars films (Desert Planets, Riding Huge animals, Flying sand barges) Avatar (Massive forest like plants and 15 foot tall characters), even some of the super hero characters.

Still, it would be nice to see.



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