Books Read in 2011

4 04 2011

As I have been a bit lame at doing things this year (blogging for example) I thought that I would just write another list, mainly to remind me of what I have read so far this year.  As it is the end of March, a Quarter of the year has gone and I have read:

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Graham Smith

Chris Hoy: The Autobiography by Chris Hoy

Awkward Situations for Men by Danny Wallace

Royal Flash by George Macdonald Fraser

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Random Book of Andrew by Andrew Robinson

Airman by Eion Colfer

The World According to Bumble by David Lloyd

If I had to recommend one, it would be The Book Thief, this is a truely excellent book.



2 responses

6 04 2011

I recently finished Royal Flash too! It’s a shame there’s no easy way to use colloquialisms like ‘thank-you-and-damn-your-eyes’ or ‘three cheers and a tiger’ into everyday speech…

We have a couple common interests (I found your blog through a British Sea Power tag) so I look forward to nabbing some titles from your reading list for my own. 😀


7 04 2011

Cheers for stopping by. Victorian language certainly had a lot going for it.

Keep popping in.


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