2050 Miles to Scotland and Back Pt. 3

26 07 2010
Waking up on another rainy morning we headed to Skye where we were throughly soaked and miserable on the first morning.  We decided to still make the best of it and see what would happen later in the day, so we headed off to Dunvegan Castle, which is the seat of the Clan Macleod, and is the oldest continuously inhabited Castle in Scotland.
After mooching about for a while in the damp the sun came out, and came out strongly so we headed off to the Coral beaches to the North of the island.  We parked the car up and wlaked about a mile an a half, to be met by a spectacular view that could almost be Carribbean.  The white coral sand and the sun making everything look incredibly good.  We sat for a while in the sun regaining our constitutions, before decidintg that it might actually be a good idea to go and put up a tent. 
We woke up in brilliant sunshie on the Saturday, which was just as well because we had a Seal watching trip to Loch Coriusk booked.  The entrance to the loch has a colony of Harbour Seals and you are almost guaranteed to see them, however it was beginning to look like they were all out hunting until we turned a corner to see tens of them basking on the rocks enjoying the sun, many of the mothers had young pups that will only stay with them for 6 weeks before making their own way in life.
We also had an hour and a half to explore the shores of the Loch in one of the most peaceful and spectacular places I have ever been.  This Land locked Loch is truly spectacular, surrounded by 12 peaks of the Cuillin ridge.
The afternoon took us to another castle, Armadale this time, the home of the clan Donald, where we had a lovely look around the grounds and museum, before heading for a Fish and Chip meal in Portree before the rain set in, and set in it did, causing us to take the decision to head across the country to Fortrose on the Black Isle.
Stopping off at Castle Urqhart and the Loch Ness visitor centre on the way.  I knew that Loch ness was big, but didn’t realise quite how big.  There is more water in the Loch than in the whole of England and Wales put together and it is big enough to drown every single person in the world.  There is also very little life in the loch, certainly not enough to sustain a giant monster.
We pressed onwards towards Fortrose where there was an outside chance that we could see Dolphins from the Beach.  How lucky we were then that we did see them, not only in the evening, but when we went back in the morning as well.  A Pod of about 15 were playing about in the entrance to the Moray Firth leaping about and throwing fish to each other.  It is quite spectacular to see this wildlife so close to the shore (about 15-20m away) and in the end I decided to put my camera down as I wouldn’t actually get to see them apart from through a view finder.  We left Fortrose very happy, but sad to be leaving.
We had a B&B booked for the evening, but H and I decided to do something that I had wanted to do since I was a small child.  We went to see Ospreys.  Sadly we didn’t see them hunting for fish, but we saw their nest and chicks thanks to the RSPB centre at Loch Garten.  I was totally thrilled to be able to see my favourite birds in the wild. 
Our time in Scotland was coming to an end and after a quick trip to Stirling Castle we headed home. 
I loved Scotland, and I really want to go again, hopefully in the dry next time.  There is some spectacular scenery and amazing places to go, not all of the foods is deep fried either.
All of my photo’s are available on Flickr.



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