Nice Weekend

21 06 2010

I have just had a thoroughly nice and relaxing weekend on the Isle of Wight.

H had just finished a night shift so we went over on Saturday morning on the Catamaran and then took the old train up to Shanklin.  After we had eaten dinner with H’s Nan we headed back to her mums, where H had a well earned snooze and I walked Dave the Jack Russell up in the fields, losing him for 10 minutes before he popped up from a hedge beside me.

We had a lovely meal out on Saturday night and a good nights sleep, waking up to a beautiful day.  We headed out for what turned out to be a monster walk up over the Downs and through Luccombe Chine to the Bonchurch Inn for a well earned Cider and a long walk back along the coast.  I finished the weekend being incredibly relaxed and feeling fit (I think that I need to get a dog to walk) and not wanting to come back to work today, but to spend the week in the sunshine.



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