Come Alive

18 06 2010

The world cup has finally come alive. After a cagey set of first round matches, Germany and the Swiss (what a great victory against Spain)excluded, the games have perked up a bit.

Uruguay were looking good agianst South Africa, and Should go through with Mexico, who outshone the dire Fernch side for the whole game. The pace and attacking on the break should have brought them more goals, but a 2-0 victory means that they only need a draw with Uruguay now to go through.

Argentina did look outstanding, with Leo Messi on form and Gonzalo Higuain bagging the first hat-trick of this World cup.

Still, just because some of the teams have picked up the pace doesn’t mean to say that they all will. England play Algeria tonight, and this is where they need to get a convincing win in order to silence the critics.



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