The National

9 06 2010

I was going to start this post ages ago, but other things got in the way.  It’s about what an important band The National have become in my life. 

About 2 years ago I hadn’t really heard of the band, but they were playing at the ATP festival that I was going to.  This happened at about the time that my job was going horribly wrong (I had made myself ill, and  quit the day that I got back from ATP) and I ended up watching them pretty much on my own as I’d had an arguement with my friends.  I didn’t realise at that time how much they would affect me.

Buying the albums Boxer and Alligator, I fell in love with some of the songs especially Slow Show and Mistaken for Strangers (from Boxer).  I didn’t really think about them again for probably a year until that I heard High Violet was coming out and started to hear the trickle of new songs.  Blood Buzz Ohio is superb and the album has been on in my car non-stop for about a month now.

Listening through the Albums, Boxer is still my favourite, but all of them are excellent.  They are a band that I would really like to see live again, but as they are only playing 3 UK dates this year, I doubt that it will be anytime soon.  Now I just have to work out a way to shoehorn one of their songs into the wedding.