Slam Dunk

1 06 2010

Over the bank holiday weekend H and I were exceptionally busy again. Saturday we had tickets for Slam Dunk Festival, the Ska-Punk-Emo-Metal Fest held for the first time in the Students Union of the Hatfield Campus of the University of Hertfordshire. This place is huge, it made my whole university look small.

Anyway, 5000 Skate punks turned up for what was a great afternoon of music. There were 7 stages, which unfortunately made choosing bands to see a little difficult. In the end we went to quite a few, but The Wonder Years were the early band that I wanted to see and we did get in eventually, the whole venue was rammed.

After the Wonder Years we mooched about a couple of the other stages, and waited to see Alkaline Trio. It was a difficult choice over which headliners to see, those, New Found Glory, Capdown or The Rocket Summer. I chose Alkaline Trio as I had previously bought albums by them, and had already seen NFG before. Alkaline Trio were superb, I had forgotten how good they actually are musically. Of course playing songs from over a decade of releases helps. H liked them too. I enjoyed the festival and it had a great line up, so maybe next year. The one problem that they had was that it rained. That meant that all of the people for the outside stage decided to come inside and caused a bit of trouble outside. On the plus side, there were decent toilets.



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