Quizaroo Answers

9 04 2010


1)If you were eating Cuy in Peru, what pet would you be eating? Guinea Pig  

2)In Cambodia, what delicacy is known as A-ping? Tarantula    

3)Which American State eats the most Spam? Hawaii    

4)The root of the Blue Agarve cactus is fermented to produce what? Tequila  

5)The famous Cheesesteak Sandwich is named after which American city? Philedelphia


6)What is the Encerrio of the Festival de San Fermin, held in Pamplona every year better known as? Bull Run

7)In What month is the Rio Carnival? February 

 8)In Which country would you find La Tomantina tomato fight? Spain

9)What do Canadians Celebrate on the 2nd Monday in October?  Thanksgiving

10)El Dia De La Muertas is celebrated in Mexico.  What does it translate to? Day of the Dead


11)Emperor Shah Jahar built which famous building for his second Wife Mumtaz Mahal? Taj Mahal

12)How tall is the Eiffel Tower to the nearest 50m? 324m 274-374

13)The Djenne Mosque in Mali was built in the 12th century and is still standing.  What is it made of? Mud

14)The Worlds Smallest Theatre is in Which English town famous for its spring Water? Malvern

15)The Biggest hotel in Las Vegas is modelled after which European city?  Venice


16)Which  race has been won by Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckyx and Bernard Hinault and Miguel Indurain 5 times each?  The Tour de France

17)In which sport would you find the Deccan Chargers? Cricket

18)David Beckham Plays for which 2 club Football teams? AC Milan and LA Galaxy (point for each)

19)Where is the World cup being held in 2014? Brazil

20)In Which City did Mohammed Ali fight Joe Frazier in 1975 for the third time? Manilla


21)What is Europes most Westerly Country? Iceland

22)In which City would you find the Ponte Vecchio bridge, Duomo and the Accadamia which holds Michalangelo’s statue of David?  Florence

23)In Ulm (Germany) there is a statue which consists of One Stone on a plinth.  Which scientist’s birthplace is it commemorating? Albert Einstein

24)The Bishop of Rome is otherwise known as What?  The Pope

25)Which Capital City holds the worlds Heaviest Building?  Bucharest

Place names

26)What animal is the Arctic named after?Bear (Arktos is Russian for Bear)

27)What is Uluru better known as? Ayres Rock

28)What is Rapa Nui better known as? Easter Island

29)Which city was formerly known as Leningrad? St Petersburg

30)Which Country used to be known as Ceylon? Sri Lanka


31)What is the Worlds 2nd Longest River?  The Amazon

32)What is the Worlds 2nd Highest Mountain? K2

33)Where is the worlds 2nd largest Coral Reef?  Belize

34)Second largest Island? Greenland

35)Second largest Continent? Africa


36)What is the Capital of Slovenia?  Ljubliana

37)What is the Capital of Morocco? Rabat

38)Tanzania? Dar Es Salaam

39)Indonesia? Jakarta

40)Fiji? Suva



One response

10 04 2010

Quite clearly I missed Q 14.

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