Radio 2 ≠ Middleage

10 02 2010
Realisation hit me last night at the pub quiz with the question “Who replaced Chris Evans on the Drive time show on Radio 2?”  The answer is Simon Mayo.  I only know that because I listen to it.  I realised that I may be turning middle aged.  I am not 30 yet, a few more months to go, but not just yet. 
Now, I only really listen to the radio in my car as my CD player doesn’t work properly, and I don’t listen to Radio 1 as Chris Moyles is on in the morning, and I can’t stand the man.  I would listen to 6 music but you don’t get that on old school radio. 
Anyway, it has good music on, yesterday I was listening to the Doors on the way in, The Cure today.  The downside is that they play awful lot of rubbish.  Especially during the day, when they had in Interview with Jedward and then played their horrific version of Vanilla Ice crossed with Queen.  On the flipside (ooh listen to me with my youth vernacular) they had an interview with Lloyd Grossman, the TV chef and pasta sauce creator, who also plays in a punk band. You don’t get that sort of thing on Radio 1.  You also don’t get classic tunes from Curtis Mayfield, Johnny Cash and Pink Floyd.
Anyway,  I have had my quarterlife crisis (its a real thing, google it) and I am not really that fussed about turning 30, but then again, what is wrong with turning 30 anyway.  Most of my friends are now either married or having kids, so is that what it means?  Is it having a good job and a nice car, because I am not there yet, and won’t be for the forseeable future.
I don’t feel 30, so I know what I will do…carry on as normal and go to gigs and listen to Pendulum in the car.



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