The One and Only

5 02 2010

Last night I popped my Cellars cherry with a trip to see Chesney Hawkes, yes, him of The One and Only fame.  Do you know what, take the piss all you want, but he was actually great.  More than just a footnote in musical history. 

I didn’t really want to go, but said I would as it is one part of the Boy Lord’s leaving do (he moves to Korea to teach English in just over a week).  So we got there and it was busy, not packed, but busy enough.  We found a decent spot to stand and waited.  2 support acts came on and went Dirty Sky Jones was very good, and quite comical. 

Not however as comical as Chesney.  If your career highlight was a one hit wonder back in 1991 (actually theer were 2 follow up singles, number 28 and 68 in the charts respectively) when you were 18, I guess you have to be.  The last 19 years appear to have been good for him, his songwriting really is very good, and his voice is good too.

He is not so much of a joke anymore in my mind, but he finished on The One and Only and it got a big sing-a-long.



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