The Sweaty Best

7 10 2009

Day 7 of the month of blogs, and I have something decent to talk about, because last night I went to see Funeral For A Friend (the band, not the sad event) at the Wedgewood Rooms.  I can’t believe that this had to be downsized from the Pyramids, because they are a cracking band and I thought they had a big following.  Anyway, last night the Wedge was at its sweaty best, with the crowd really being up for it.  The first support was a good young band called Lost on Landing, who had really taken the Sound of South Wales and made it their own.  Spy Catcher were next and their harder riffage was a great addition to the night.

FFAF came on at 9.45 to Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You” and went straight into a couple of classics.  They had done a survey of what the people buying the tickets wanted them to play on their tour, and it turns out these people pick a great set list.  17 tracks and 75 minutes later the encore finished and everyone went home sweaty and happy.  Highlights were many, but my favourite were Jeanau and Into Oblivion, but then again they were the last time I saw them.

All in all good times.  My ears are still ringing.



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