Love Albert Road Day

28 09 2009

Sunday 27th was Love Albert Road Day, where they close off the road, all the bars open their doors, there is swinging and swaying and records playing, there is dancing in the street (technically thats a Mick Jagger and David Bowie song, but you get the idea), the restaurants and cafes’ put stalls out the front to peddle their wares and people from Portsmouth drink alot.  The Wedgewood Rooms had a decent line up of bands too, and it was all free to get in.

H and I got there at about 12 (we missed the worlds largest Dance attempt to Thriller) but it was quite quiet, we managed to have a good look up and down the road and go in some shops, but by the time we left it was too busy.  An estimate of 80,000 people has been said, I think I believe it.  The problem wasn’t so much the people, but it was what they had brought with them, dogs, pushchairs, buggys all added to the chaos.  By the time we left at 3, the litter was beginning to pile up and it took us about 30 minutes to go 100 yards.

There were some good bands on though, and I especially enjoyed the Parkour exhibit (2 teenagers jumping off the top of a bus).









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