More Things.

21 09 2009

I was searching round the Blogosphere and came across this on the front page of WordPress.  Its another Things to do before I die list.  Its actually one of the better ones.  I typed this into the search bar, and most of them have the same sort of thing on there. 

  • Create World Peace
  • Go into Space
  • Write a Novel
  • Adopt a child

That sort of thing, which are all very noble (in the case of adoption and world peace), but mostly won’t happen.

I had forgotten that I had made a list a while back in August 2008.  A year later I have realised that I missed some stuff off of there:

  • Do the water experiment at the Equator
  • See a Basking Shark off the British coast
  • Visit Leptis Magna

and some things that can be added to the cool things done section.

  • Seen the Wildebeest Migration
  • Seen a Cheetah Kill
  • Go to Zanzibar

These probably should have been on the original list, but they weren’t.  At the moment the things to do list is stagnating a bit, I am sure that I will kick it into gear again soon.  For Everyone that has written one of these lists, good luck in achieving it, especially if you have put World Peace on there.



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