The Bus

10 09 2009

Because I am going to Bestival today I had to get the dreaded Bus in to work.  I don’t like the bus and I don’t care who knows it.  It is why I have a car.  I like sitting on my own in Comfort, listening to music.  I don’t like sitting next to some smelly builder waving his copy of the sun all over the place. 

Unfortunately for me this bus route is the school route for 5 different schools, so it is constantly full of noisy kids too.

Like I say, I don’t like the bus.  Its expensive and slow too.  although when you dive the cost by the minute, its not too bad at nearly 5p a minute.

So there you go, I don’t like the bus, but I will have to do it again on Monday.  Thats twice in a year.  Rubbish.



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