Clamping Nazi’s

28 08 2009

H has been moving house recently, and although I had done most of the heavy lifting and shifting of the big stuff, there was still some bits and pieces at her old place.  So last night at 9pm she went over to move the remainder.

As her parking space is away from the front door and her flat on the first floor, she parked close to the lift with her hazard warning lights on, seats folded down, ready to just shove stuff in the boot.

After her second trip, she came back to find that she had been clamped, with the clamper just finishing doing up the lock.  When she asked him to take it off so that she could move her car he said that he “didn’t have the authority to do that”, despite holding the keys in his hand.

This strikes me as a bit unfair, and H, pleading as a woman on her own, loading a car was able to get the fine reduced to £50 from £160, and was told that she would probably get that back on appeal.  In that case, why do it in the first place.  Nobody had complained, nobody minded, so why do it.  Oh I know, its because they have been given a bit of power and enjoy spreading misery.

I could have ranted, but I can’t be bothered, its fighting a losing battle.



One response

28 08 2009

That’s awful. Freaking twats. She should have threatened to go to the papers.

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