Don’t Say It

24 08 2009

The Ashes are over.  Boo.  England won it.  Yay.  Flintoff has retired Yay (Only me that thinks that then). All the talk now is of us becoming the dominant force in World Cricket.  Which is nice.

The game at the Oval was a masterpiece of theatre and excitement.  It was all set up for a classic and it didn’t dissapoint.  Englands first innings total didn’t look enough.  Broad taking his second 5 wicket haul in 2 innings.  The pitch braeking up like the top of a Creme Brulee.  Trotts debut century.  Punter (Ricky Ponting) taking one in the face and losing a tooth.  A massive total to chase in just over 2 days.  Australia looking like they could do it.  Fred’s run out.  Punters standing ovation.  Harmison’s 2 in 2 balls, and Swann finishing it off.

Friday was genius.  I have not been that excited since my 6th birthday party.  To hear (I was listening to Test Match Special)  those wickets falling one after another was great.  Saturday lagged somewhat in comparison.  I just wish I could have watched Sunday.  I missed the last time that we won the Ashes too because I was abroad.

Punter has gone up in my estimations too.  He gave some excellent interviews and for an Australian Captain losing the Ashes, was actually complimentary to the opposition.   England hadn’t played well in the Series.  He knew it, Strauss knew it, we all knew it, we had just played better when it mattered.

Its all good, I am on a high.  The One dayers will be interesting.  Just please don’t say that Stuart Broard is the next Andrew Flintoff.  He will be better.  He will be the First Stuart Broad.



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