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21 08 2009

I have been watching a lot of athletics recently as its the World Championships at the moment.  Usain Bolt has again taken the world by storm, beating both the 100m and 200m world records (his own World Records) by 0.11 seconds.  This is a huge margin over such a short distance.  In effect it equates to 2m in distance.  This is massive, althogh for him its less than a stride.  He will break both records by more, but he declared that he was a bit tired for the 200m.  If he is fully fit, he could probably be into the 18 seconds.  Nobody seems to think that these records will be broken by anybody else for a long time.  Former World record holder Michael Johnson said on the BBC that “the next world record holder probably hasn’t been born yet!”.  He is probably right.  There is nobody on the sports scene at the moment that can cope with him.  The best thing about him is that he still runs with a smile on his face.

Well done too to all of our medalists.



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