What I Did On My Holidays

6 08 2009

To be honest I haven’t really been doing a lot over the last few weeks that has deserved a lot of blogging time.  Me and H went to Stratford a while back, and visited Shakespeares birthplace and Anne Hathaways cottage, but the weather was against us, and then on the way back we went to a place called The Living Rainforest, just outside of Newbury.  Its not a big place, but it has Monkeys, Birds and a whole host of Tropical wildlife, its a great place to go and kill an hour or so.  It also has the giant lily pads that are big enough to sit on.

I also sustained another injury from walking part of the South Downs way.  It was supposed to have been a 5 day trip taking in the whole of it, but due to being barely able to walk, we had to call a halt to this.

Dev and I also visited the largest Creationist museum in the UK.  Personally I think this idea is rubbish, and the temptation to put something scathing in the visitors book was tempered by the fact that they were all so nice…even if they did take everything they were quoting out of context.  The best thing about it is the gift shop that sells fossilised fish.  

But the pamphlets were amazing, some written by the legenday Duane T. Gish (legendary if you have seen or read Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure, when he met the man himself).  I picked up The Oceans Lied, all about how the Earth couldn’t be any more than 6000 years old because there wasn’t enough sediment.  Sadly I can’t find a link to this amazing piece of literature, but it would make the evolutionists among you fume/laugh.  I know I did.



2 responses

8 08 2009

Thanks for the leaflet, it’s ummm… very enlightening.

8 08 2009

Oh yeah, I once applied for a job at the Living Rainforest place after I left uni. I might check it out next time I’m down there.

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