Island Life

29 06 2009

I finished work early on friday and myself and H got on the Ferry on a blisteringly hot day to go to the Isle of Wight. After meeting her mum and brother we headed to the local for a few jars, which turned into a few more after closing time.

Waking up on Saturday slightly worse for wear, we headed out to west Wight and Alum Bay, a place famous for its 21 different colours of sand. The cost of this place is extortionate, with parking being £4 and the little cable car that takes you up and down the cliff being £3 per person each way. We decided to take the free option and walk down the 188 steps. This is worth the exercise, because you get better views of the Needles lighthouse from here.

We spent a couple of hours on the beach before leaving to get some lunch and a pint at the Wight Mouse Inn. I had a nice ale called Lemony Cricket which had a nice refreshing citrusy taste.

After lunch we headed to Carisbrooke castle in Newport to have a look around at some historicalness. The castle had once been prison to Charles 1st (who tried to escape twice, but got stuck in the window frame on one occasion) and whose daughter died there after catching a chill from playing bowls in a spring shower.

In the evening we headed for a Tapas meal before having a relatively early night. The next day we headed for a walk along the coast from Shanklin to Sandown and back again, before having lunch with H’s Nan.

The weather was beautiful all weekend and I had a great time, and I look forward to coming back again.  Shame its back to work again today.