26 06 2009

Talented people. Annoying aren’t they. With their talent and adulation. On that note I went to see Aqualung with H, The Boy Lord and Indiegirl last night. It was a sit down gig at the Wedgewood rooms and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed with candles on the tables.

The first performer was a folky young lady under the name of Foreign Slippers. The Swedish lady could sing beautifully and it was a powerful vocal performance, and I loved it. She also had a hat made of twigs that made her look like an Ent.

Second up were Kaisercartel, a two piece from Brooklyn NY who were part country part folk, all excellent. They finished their set by playing while walking around the audience, and I got a lovely smile from the lead singer as she was leaving the place.

Then comes that incredibly talented chap Matt Haines. His band Aqualung has been around for a few years and has been on my radar on and off for a while. I recently got a copy of 2007’s Memory Man, and it was a revelation to me, it is fantastic and I recommend that you have a listen to some of the tracks on it, Pressure Suit and Something to Believe in spring to mind.

So I was looking forward to this gig, I think I may have been the only one out of the 4 of us that were. I really wasn’t disappointed at all, and neither were anybody else. The incredibly talented guy had the audience enthralled and was a tremendously nice chap, chatting to the audience and mucking about with his brother Ben who plays the guitar for him. They played for an hour and a half and clearly enjoyed the intimate atmosphere. The audience clearly enjoyed it too and the applause went on for a while, as did the gig, 80 minutes of brilliance.

OK, maybe they aren’t annoying, its more realistic that I am jealous.