Brief Interlude

22 06 2009

Sorry to disrupt the Safari blogging, but one of the reasons it has been taking so long is that I have been watching the ICC Twenty-20 World Cup.  This has been taking place in England, and despite another poor showing fromm the England Mens team, this has been a fantastic tournament.

There have been simultaneous tournaments for men and women, and Englands Womenas team have won their second tournament this year, after the 50 Over world Cup, so incredibly well done to them.  They have played brilliantly well all tournament and are deserved winners on home soil.

The Mens Tournament was won by Pakistan, a country where cricket is almost a religion, and a country that has been starved of success and international cricket due to terrorism.  When it first started, T-20 was seen to favour the batsmen, with long slogs over the boundry being the key to success.  This final showed how untru this is, the 2 best bowling teams were in the final, with Sri Lanka’s line up of Mulithiran, Mallinga and Mendis enough to scare any batsman in the world.  Equally though Pakistans, especially Umer Gul, Abdul Razzaq and the 17 year old Aamir.  The final was a great affair, with Pakistan running out deserved winners.

Now to get cricket back into their country.



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