Sets Fire, Floats Boat.

12 05 2009

Myself and H went to the Joiners last night, and paid our £6 on the door. This is part of a pretty damn good line up for may, that includes Rollo Tomassi, My Vitriol (check back to the late 90’s for that one) The Boxer Rebellion, Dananananakroyd, The Twilight Sad (going to see the last 2) and Tommy Reilly, winner of the Orange Unsigned Act, who I really want to see, but I am in Zanzibar.

Anyway, 4 bands played, Penny Arcade were shoegazing but pretty good, the lead singer sounded like Robert Smith from the Cure. I See Sparks were up next and really were pretty good. They are more Pop rock than the other bands on the bill, but were probably my second favourite of the night. Gladrags came on third and this six piece took a while to grow on me, but they did, especially when they started with the trumpets.

Then came Sunny Day Sets Fire, a band that I for some reason had always thought had a female lead singer. Turns out that I am wrong though. He is definately a guy. A Swedish guy at that. Their synth knob twiddler and part time drummer is a woman though. A chinese woman at that. When she drums she is incredibly fluid in her over exaggerated movements, but a greart drummer none the less.

SDSF are a definate band that I want more of in my life, a lot more, they entertained and made my ears ring and that is all the entertainment that I need in evening. Will definat



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