Stress Over With

11 05 2009

Last week I was a little stressed, well I say a little, I was worried as hell at one point.  It was all to do with my Tanzanian Visa.

Me being me, I had left it to the last minute to post off my Visa and had forgotten that there was a bank holiday.  This left me to expect my visa on the Tuesday before I flew to Kenya (where I know I can get a visa at the airport).  This had caused me a whole lack of sleep, especially when the registered post didn’t actually get there until the Tuesday after bank holiday. 

So imagine my absolute delight when I got home on Friday to find out that my Passport with shiny new visa on page 7.  3 days it took to get that back to me.  I was convinced that I wouldn’t get it and convinced that I would have to change my trip because of my passport being in the post somewhere.   Even on that friday I was thinking that I should cancel this and take my chances at the border.

Note to self, sort yourself out sooner.  To be honest this holiday has kind of snuck up on me, infact this whole year has flown by.  Its my birthday this week, which means that May is half way through.  It feels like February in my head though.

Scary stuff.  I can tell you that the last 28 days has gone by in a flash.



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