7 05 2009

I was talking to Andy on Tuesday at the pub quiz (just the 2 of us, we came last, but not by much and we got a good score) about things that we have done, and it turns out that I have done a lot and my looking back at it my life has been much cooler than I thought or seem to remember. 

I suppose I may have blocked the coolness out of my mind by spending so much time in a bad mood, but now I can look at these things in a slightly more objective way.

List of cool things in no particular order

  • Swam with Sharks
  • Ran with the Bulls in Pamplona
  • Climbed an Ancient Mayan Temple
  • Walked on Glaciers
  • Showered under a Waterfall
  • Tubed down rivers in Fiji and Belize
  • Eaten Conch straight from the sea
  • Experienced the Edinburgh Festival
  • Had a Horse Fondue
  • Taken a hot air baloon ride above the Nile
  • Drunk in a proper German brewhouse
  • Watched the sunrise on 4 continents
  • Been to a proper rainforest

As you can tell, I’m not one for package holidays.  I went on one when I was an adult and didn’t like it.  This list will probably keep getting bigger as I remember or think of ways to phrase things, but for now its a start.



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