Gone Fishing

1 05 2009

I was dragged out by the moping Boy Lord last night to see Little Fish at a place called Little Johnny Russels. He was incredibly excited to see a band called Fresh Legs, who were supporting.

Getting there and paying our 3 quid to get in we found out that Fresh Legs were not so fresh, and infact ill, so weren’t playing. This put him into even more of a downer, and he wasn’t overly impressed with the soundcheck. Still once they started playing, this boy/girl combo soon cheered him up. As a guitar and a drum set, they have surprising noise and stage presence. Think like the Ting-Tings, but much better (sorry if you like them. I really am truely sorry, you must have no sense of taste).

Anyway, female led punk that I quite liked shock horror. Their new EP is being produced by Linda Perry, who was in 4 Non Blondes and has produced Pink, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. It is possible that you could hear more from this band.

Or possibly not, what the hell do I know.



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