29 04 2009

They are at it again. Bloody cyclists…well one cyclist…well at least one that has been caught anyway. News has recently broken that out of the 6 athletes that have tested positive for banned substances at the Beijing Olympics, one of them was a cyclist.

I don’t know why I am surprised, actually, thats a lie, i’m not at all, I am however angry. Italian Davide Rebellin, who on his 37th birthday came 2nd in the mens Road Race has been caught for CERA, and advanced version of EPO. He is one of the first to be caught for this new type, and I doubt very much that he will be last.

I find this incredibly annoying, and I wish that for once the sport that I and millions of others worldwide enjoy on a regular basis would get its act together and clean up. I know that it won’t happen, the stakes are too high, the cheats (that is what they are) want to win, and they want to win at any cost. Whether Davide wanted to prolong his career, by performing at a high level one last time, or taking a last big payday is open to interpretation, but the fact that he won the Fleche Wallone classic for the 3rd time this year might point to something.

“This was my nicest win of the three,” said the Serramenti Diquigiovanni rider after his win, who also won in 2004 and 2007.

I’m not surprised it was nice, you were probably so stoned that you thought you were flying.

Rant over.



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