Thorpe Park

23 04 2009

I had taken the day off on Tuesday to head to Thorpe Park with The Housemate and the Flat 6 Boys, so off we headed early, only for our cunning plan to get there before the crowds to suffer a blow half way there. The Housemates Mid-life crisis mobile was struck with a double puncture whilst trying to avoid being hit by a lorry. Still could have been worse, could have been struck by a lorry. But the weather was good , and while we replaced one of the wheels, we had an hour to wait for the AA man who then replaced the other one.

Once we did eventually get to the park, it was really very quiet, we headed straight for Stealth, which takes you from 0-80 in 2 seconds. I have never felt acceleratioon like it, it was quite spectacular and an amazing start to the day.

Next up as it was getting a bit warm we got completely drenched on Tidal Wave, before going on the spin dryer that is Nemesis Inferno, and then to the worlds first 10 loop coaster, Colussus.

The best ride of the day though, and the best ride that I have ever been on was the new ride for this year, Saw. Its themed after the film series Saw, and without giving too much away, there is an unexpected indoor section, before you get to the big draw. The 100ft vertical lift, followed by a 100 degree drop. Yep, you actually go down hill upside down, before twisting, turning and looping your way back to the start. Even the fact that we had to queue for an hour didn’t stop this from being immense.

Afterwards we had another go on the Stealth, Nemesis Inferno and Colussus, before making the trip back home. Even though we didnt get there until late, what we did do was well worth the money.


Pylons and Wires

23 04 2009

I got tickets on the door for the dual headliner Gideon Conn and 6 Day Riot at the Joiners on Monday, apologies that its taken a while to write, but I have been busy. Anyway, I got a ticket and was one of about 15 people in there and arrived just as The Real Raj started to play. Kind of a one man band, he was a bit like Jack Johnson but with a Kazoo, more adult language and well, lets be honest, Indian. He was excellent though and set the tone for the evening to come.

Gideon Conn came on next playing an acoustic set, and all I can say about the guy is that he is a genius. His lyrics are great, and his version of almost Folk-Hop is infectious. Plus with his twee almost childlike voice, and staring eyes he can come across as almost Willy Wonka like (Johnny Depp version). This doesn’t stop him being unbelivably energetic and brilliant. He got the boys from 6 Day Riot on stage for a few songs and played a brilliant version of Roy Orbison’s Blue Avenue. To finish with he came into the audience busker like and played Outkast’s Ms. Jackson as we crowded round clapping. A fantastic way to end his set really. See below.

Next up were 6 Day Riot, with their tiny lead singer and Jazz tinged folk tunes. Not enough bands have trumpets in them. These were great too. Its been too long to really give a decent account of this, but I would recommend seeing them if you get the time.

Its a shame that there weren’t more people in the gig, but we had a brilliant time.