Classic Night Of Football

15 04 2009

I went so see …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead last night, missing what has now been called one of the greatest European football matches. I don’t really care apart from the fact that I cannot stand Didier Drogba, diving bastard. Anyway I digress, this is about the gig…

I went with Afro Aid, who reckons that he has been to less than 10 gigs in his life, I told him that I have made it my mission to get him to 10 this year. 2 down already after Fight Like Apes.

The first band were the So So Glo’s who sounded like a cross between the Undertones and the Dropkick Murpheys. Not saying this was a bad thing, they were excellent. The 2nd band even better, shame I can’t remember their name.

Before …AYWKUBTTOTD started I told Aid 2 things. Firstly, they would rock. Secondly he would love them. I don’t like being a liar, and luckily I was proved right on both counts. They did rock. They played a set as long and as brilliant as their name. For an hour and a half they played, and their prog rock styling being exactly what the doctor ordered. They played tracks from Source, Tags and Codes, Madonna and the new album, and they were all great. At times they do use 2 drummers and when they both get going the noise is biblical, but amazing to witness.

Its nearly 12 hours later and my ears are still fuzzy. I still wouldn’t have missed it for the football though.