Bats Attract Celebrities

31 03 2009

On Sunday I saw Bat for Lashes at the Wedgewood Rooms, sorry I forgot to take my camera, but from where I was standing I didn’t get much of a view anyway, it was rammed and even had celebrities in the crowd (Well one, Alexander Siddiq, who played the Doctor in Star Trek-Deep Space 9 and a terrorist in season 5 of 24. He was blown up in the White House).

Caroline Weeks was the support and looked tiny on the stage with just her guitar for company, and played dainty acoustic songs with an amazingly powerful voice. She also had hair that looked like Princess Leia, but thats a different story.

Bat For Lashes came on and Played brilliantly, not bad for the first night of a tour. I had seen them the 2nd to last time that they played at the Radiohead Gig in Victoria Park. Luckily this time the sound actually worked, and they didn’t have to go off half way through. They were playing a lot of new songs, and Natasha (Khan the front woman and main driving force of the band, that now includes Charlotte Hatherly, formerly of Ash) sounded superb. She has a superb voice and made the best of it. I like Fur and Gold as an album, but have to be in the right mood to listen to it, which doesn’t really happen as often as it should. My favourite track “Whats a Girl to Do” was played and the drumming was spot on, and sounded better live than on CD. All good stuff really.

Anyway, work to do.



3 responses

31 03 2009

Ooh didn’t know Charlotte Hatherly was now in Bat for Lashes. I wondered what she had been up to after that solo thing of hers seemed to sink without a trace.

3 06 2010

for some reason i keep getting all of your old entries coming through on my rss. just read this one though and realised i was at that gig too

3 06 2010

Sorry, I have been adding tags to all of my old ones. Didn’t realise that it would do that.

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