26 03 2009
So down to the Wedgewood rooms last night to see the Clarts from the GLC.  Safe as F**K!

I have a soft spot for Goldie Lookin Chain, and their first album proper Greatest Hits was on heavy rotation for a long time.  This is the third time that I have seen them now, and the first time was a classic.  The sound stopped working and they had to make up 20 minutes as they were going.  Win a date with the Maggot was priceless entertainment.

Sadly, since then, the tunes have not been as good, and the albums pretty terrible, but the gig was good, and the new tracks that were played were pretty good.  Mind you it helps that they played a lot of their back catalogue, starting with Half Man, Half Machine (my favourite) and finished with Your Mothers Got A Penis.  I’m also glad that they played The Maggot purely for the fact that it has the line “A gentleman thief, a scholar and a rogue.  Doing the locomotion like Kylie Minogue” and Adams Charm School which is based around the old Grange Hill theme tune.

Anyway, seem to have lost my thread now, I’ll put up some photos when I get home.

The Chain

The Maggot giving it large



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27 03 2009

Binatone Spectrum, Pacman, Commodore
ZX-81, donkey kong, fucking high score
Push it to the limit, couldn’t push it any more
Wanna be a fucking robot after smoking loads of draw

Tee hee, I love it!!!

27 03 2009

Bill Gates from Microsoft
With Stephen Hawkins Voice
and fucking Lara Croft.

Genius lyrics.

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