More Soon…I Promise

23 03 2009

OK, been a bit lame this month, not really had a lot to say. I got injured on my holiday, twisted knee, so wasn’t able to get out and do much. If you want to know what I did this weekend, I went out on my bike on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I watched The Pompey vs Everton Game. Great win for us, then the Rugby, Great win for England against Scotland, had a chinese at my parents then watched Andy Murray beat Roger Federer.

On the Sunday, I watched I Am Legend (alright film, probably won’t watch it again), Wigan v Hull, Liverpool stuff the Villa and England loose humiliatingly to the West Indies in the cricket.

On the plus side, congratulations go to the England Womens Cricket Team, whose near total dominance of the sport is someting to be proud about, and Mark Cavendish, who won the Milan-San Remo.