£8 Well Spent

19 02 2009

I decided to trundle off to Southampton Joiners last night to see Fight like Apes.  Afro Aid and myself got tickets on the door got ourselves pints and promptly fell in love with the first band on stage, called Fresh Legs.

Admittedly the lead singer was cute, but she could really sing (think of Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and you wont go far wrong) and they had some really excellent tunes.  Afro Aid got chatting to the singer at the bar and got himself a free CD.

2nd band up was a standard guitar 3 piece called something or another (not their actual name, I can’t remember) There was nothing wrong with them, and infact they had some Radio 1 airplay,  but in they were lost in the shadow of the first band.  After a swift set without much banter they left the stage and we awaited Fight like Apes.

Fight Like ApesAll I had heard of the band was what I had got from their myspace page, and that is probably why I wasn’t expecting too much.  What actually happened was that much Irish banter and crowd interaction happened (a bog roll was passed round to make headbands) and we all rocked our faces off.  Especially the guy stood in front of me who nearly broke my nose headbanging.  I like the Lead singers voice, and she looked like Amy Winehouse who had been dragged through a hedge, and their lyrics have a touch of comedy to them, so the best thing that I can say about them, and its a compliment is taht I will be buying the album at some point.

It was a quality evening that overran the curfew and also made us laugh, pict0214infact, its why I like going to gigs (that and its anotehr ticket stub for the album).  My ears a still ringing today,, but I suspect that they will be worse tomorrow after the NME Awards Tour (Florence and The Machine, White Lies, Friendly Fires and Glasvegas). 

Oh the 2nd band was called Overreact.



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20 02 2009

So not shit then. x

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