The Cost of Reading

16 01 2009

As I normally do on my lunch breaks, I was having a mooch around Waterstones in Portsmouth (now the only bookshop in the town centre, WH Smith is still there, but only your Nan shops there now) hoping that something would catch my eye, that was also cheap.

This was when I realised that the price of books was completely unreasonable these days.  When I first started reading the Discworld series when I was about 10, I could buy the paperbacks for £3.99, which seems fair to me.  Now the same book is £6.99.  The rate of inflation here seems much more than Petrol to me, but as I was 10 at the time, what do I know.

Anyway, I picked up a paperack that was about 250 pages long and found out that it was £12.99.   I like reading a lot, but I am going to have to start going to charity shops, because that is ridiculous.  For nearly 13 quid, that had better be the best book in the world.



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17 01 2009

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