Kicking Myself

14 01 2009

It was pub quiz last night, we had 3 in our team, which is not the greatest turn out, and we came 4th.  The quiz however, was the hardest that we have had, but I did, and it was me on my own, get 18 1/2 on the picture quiz.  It helped that that was Album Covers.

The reason that I am kicking myself though is that there was a round on African Capital Cities, we got one out of 5, but it should have been a lot more.

Here we go, round 1.

What are the capitals of:

  1. Niger
  2. Sudan
  3. Ghana
  4. Malawi
  5. Guinea

Answers on a postcard please.



3 responses

15 01 2009

Without cheating
2) Khartoum
3) Accra

I don’t know the others. I should know Niger really, I’ll look it up…..Nope I have never heard of that.
Ohh isn’t Malawi something like Longgey or something like that?

15 01 2009

2 out of 5. I got Accra, really should have known Khartoum though.

15 01 2009

I did have to have a bit of a think about Khartoum as I thought the capital could be Wadi Halfa.

I was close with Malawi, Lilongwe. I shall study my globe tonight and make it my mission to remember more African capitals.

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