Christmas and Other Such Events

7 01 2009

So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody is having fun.  Or so we are told.  I had a fairly busy festive period which started on Tuesday 23rd with an evening pub quiz (2nd place again, damn.  Our crown has slipped), followed by a relaxed Christmas eve daytime before going to the pub and drinking quite heartily until gone midnight.

Christmas day came and went at my parents, as did boxing day and the traditional Hayling Island beach walk.

On Sunday the 28th I took myself up to Fairford to stay at Mack and Spanners for a few days.  Becky, Paul, Catherine and Smyles were all there too, so it was quite a nice big group of us.  By the time I came away I felt quite glad that I was single still, there was quite a lot of hen pecking on the go.

Straight from Fairford I went up to the Woo to stay with Fatbob and Bimbo.  Dev and KP came round for tea, and as May-Z turned up we went to the pub, where discussions   turned to the 4 things that men want most in the world, Pies, Pints, Fires and Women in Stockings.  You could tell the 2 single guys in the group as we were the ones talking about the stockings while the others were talking about what type of pie it would be.

As it was New Years Eve we had had the usual arguement of what we were going to do, and as usual had come up with nothing.  In the end we went to the weirdest little pub in the world, called the Fox.  It looked like someones living room and there was a folk ensemble in one corner (I have one in my living room, don’t you?), but we had a great night, KP was attacked by a small boy, who Bimbo then hit.  Dev was called a numpty by a local and 2 dogs fell asleep on me.  Nice.

After a quiet New Years Day, where all we did was go out for a meal and watch Jonathan Creek, we were joined by Ebby on the second before shooting off to Walsall for May-Zs birthday bash, a piss up in a brewery.  This was outstanding value for money as it cost us £7.50 for a tour and all we could drink of their fine ales.  I had a great time manning the pumps and being landlord for the night.  Sadly we had to leave and we made our way back to Worcester, merrier than before. 

On the Saturday we spent a few hours in Malvern, going to the worlds smallest Theatre, the Theatre of Small Convenience.  It is built in an old gents toilets and run by an extremely eccentric chap.  It was a great experience and we watched “The Tale of the Snowcake Man”.

Anyway, that was the end of the holiday and I am back at work now.   I have a cold and I feel like crap.  This is a rubbish post, I may improve it at some point, but probably not.



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7 01 2009

The small child actually didn’t leave us alone until I yelled at it, he seemed to quite like the little wrestle we had.

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