16 12 2008

I went to see The Hold Steady on Sunday at the Wedgewood Rooms and I found myself in the position of being well below the average age of the fans (and they were fans).  There were a lot of 50 year olds there, some were probably well into their 60’s and above.  If my ears were ringing then theirs must have been, although I suppose that you can turn hearing aids off.

The band came on and played for an hour and a half non-stop.  They played songs from all of their albums and the ones that I knew well were played excellently.  Those that I didn’t know so well were also played well.  I suppose thats what happens when you have been around for years.  I had never really though about it before, but they were older than I thought they would be, but they were still bloody good.  The older crowd were pogoing like fools, their hips must ache now. 

Anyway here are some photos.

Dancing like your dad.

Dancing like your dad.




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