Sense of Pride

15 12 2008

So Chris Hoy is BBC Sports Personality of the Year, fantastic stuff there, the British Cycling Team is Team of the Year, coached by coach of the year.  You can’t deny that they aren’t brilliant.  They have deserved all of the plaudits that they receive, from the magnificent Olympics, to the world championships, and not forgetting Mark Cavendish in Le Tour (4 stage victories, next year it will be more) they have all had a fantastic year.

Chris Hoy wins Sports Personality of the Year

I would have liked Rebecca Adlington to come second, but  Lewis Hamilton had a fantastic year too, whether you like him or not (yes there is a lot of debate about whether Timo Glock gave him the championship, but hey, I don’t even like F1).

Still, Britains sporting endeavour this year more than ever has been something to be proud of .  Especially given the fact that the top sportsman  has thighs that are only an inch smaller than my waist.

As well as that, it also gives me the opportunity to post another gratuitous Victoria Pendleton photo as she collected the team award.

Victoria Pendleton who collected the Team Award

Victoria Pendleton who collected the Team Award

Talking of great British sporting achievements, no-one snatches defeat from the Jaws of Victory quite like the England Cricket Team.  Despite being ahead, we didn’t press home our advantage yet again and were taken apart by the batting of Sachin Tendulkar.  I for one will be glad when he retires, but you can guarantee theer will be someone to step into his place.



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