Whale Shaped

4 12 2008
Noah and the Whale: Peaceful World Lay Me Down
One of the moments of the summer for me was seeing Noah & The Whale at the End Of The Road Festival, I hadn’t really expected much, but they were a very spot on a lovely afternoon. It wasn’t really a surprise that I bought the album, but I am surprised that it took me so long.


Noah, the Whale is just out of shot.

Noah, the Whale is just out of shot.

Most people will only know the main single 5 Years Time, as it was played non-stop over the summer on the radio, and it must be good because Chris Moyles slagged it off, while the sychophantic crew said it was good. I don’t trust that man with any music choices.

Anyway, the album isn’t the happy place that people would expect it to be, and just because a tune sounds jolly, doesn’t mean to say it is. 2 Atoms and a Molecule, is about breaking up, while Second Lover is about being in love with someone who can’t be yours.

As a person I think that I am moving away from my punk and rock youth and moving into the more adult world of lyrically driven (for want of a better term) New Folk (ok, that may be an over reaction, but the to quote Jurassic 5 “Its all about the beats and the Lyrics”). Sod it I will settle for Alternative.  Clever lyrics aside though, Noah and the Whale have a brilliant Horn section that reminds me of Mexico and some excellent tunes and a really great live show. It will be interesting to see what they do next.



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5 12 2008

Strangeley I was going to mention this to you yesterday in our email conflab. I hate the genre thing but I have moved away from what is considered Indie. I’m more what people would class as Altenative and that certainly encompasses new folk, (and my strange obsession with bands from Iceland). I’m loving Laura Marling and Bon Iver and I bought Noah and the Whale a while back too. However I’m listening to a huge amount of ROCK!!! recently too but that might have something to do with being a bit angry.

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