The Rise of Cycling

3 12 2008

BBC Sports Personality of the Year time again.  First off, no footballers, marvelous stuff, I am very pleased with that.  Its actually a year when sporting talent has come to the fore.  Ben Ainsley, 3 times Olympic Medalist.  Lewis Hamilton, youngest ever F1 world champion.  Rebecca Adlington, first woman in about 40 years to win an Olympic Swimming gold, swiftly followed by her second, and she looks like someone who works in your local pub too.  Joe Calzaghe did some boxing and Andy Murray did some tennis and Christine Ohuroghu who won gold against all the odds in the 400m.

However the contest belongs to cycling, unbelievably the sport has 4 nominees (should have been 5, but sadly the lovely Victoria Pendleton didn’t get the vote).  Old Rhinocerous Thighs himself was bound to get one, Chris Hoy winning 3 Olympic golds in one games is amazing.  Bradley Wiggins to, securing his 6th medal.  Nicole Cookes road race victory was spectacular and well deserved after crashing out in Athens. 

Rebbecca Romero on the other hand is something different.  She did win a medal in Athens, but it was in single sculls Rowing.  Now, rowing and cycling really aren’t that similar but the endurance you need for both meant that after her injury she could theoretically compete with the best, but the technique and strategy needed are amazingly different.  It just goes to show what a single minded amazing athlete she is.

Anyway, my vote for the top 3 would be Chris Hoy, Becky Adlington and Bradley Wiggins, but I think the vote would go to Becky Adlington, Lewis Hamilton and Rebecca Romero.  The nation likes a nice shop girl.



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