Hidden Gems #2

2 12 2008

I’ve been off work for a few days with a nasty stomach bug, so I have had a lot of time to listen to music and write some blogs for future posting.  This however is one that I have been meaning to write for a long time.

Adieu by Enter Shikari

After the frenetic energy of Jonny Sniper, track 15 of Take to the Skies starts ous as a lovely little acoustic number, remeniscent of Voices by Dario G (another great track by the way).  There is even a bit of Pan Pipe in there.

This is a proper love song that turns finishes on a crescendo of a chourus.  Its not a famous song, or probably one that they would play at a gig, but it makes me feel good and that is what I like in my music.  The normally shouty guy can also sing too, and when the synths kick in for the last minute and a half it makes me smile.

There you go, number 2 on the list.



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