Forgotten More Than I Can Remember

26 11 2008

I ended up doing a pub quiz with Andy and Stu last night.  I really needed to get out of the flat so suggested that we went up to the Sunshine for a few, just to get out of the house.  So we did, and it turned out it was quiz night, and being semi-intelligent young men we decided that we would have a go, plus we got to choose a comedy name, so after much discussion went with My dog ate Red Rum.

We started off with the picture round and did fairly well, I couldn’t remember the name of John Darwin (The guy who faked his own death in a canoe and turned up in Panama), and none of us had any idea it was Dick Cheney, but hey.

Then the questions started.  In the first round 4 and a half out of 5, pretty good.  The 2nd round was about strictly come dancing (we didn’t have a clue but managed to scrape 3 and a half).

After that it kind of steadied off but the real shock came with the lyrics round, normally this would be my speciality, but could I remember where “Heaven holds a place for those who pray” came from.  Could I heck.  Then I missed Tender by Blur too.  What a failure!

In the end My Dog Ate Red Rum got 42 out of 60, and finished 5th which wasn’t too bad.  I can’t help thinking that I may have forgotten more than I can actually remember.

By the way, it was Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel, or the Lemonheads depending on your point of view.



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