Hidden Gems #1

24 11 2008

This is the first of the Hidden Gems series, where I will talk about some great tracks on some randon Albums that wouldn’t have been singles.  Most of these will probably be quite random, and it will depend on what I have listened to in the car.  The first one is a product of me grabbing a CD in the dark, skipping to track 11 (A cover version of To Love Somebody) and then carrying on with the album.

In The Long Still Night is the title track of the 1996 album by Gallon Drunk (A band that I thought had split ages ago, but it turns out they are still recording and touring).  The album itsself is quite in your face, garage rock, but then the last song on the album hits you, starting quietly with piano followed by a military style marching beat.  Throughout the song the piano and drums are intertwined with the best vocal performance on the record (Its not all fuzzy and distorted for one thing) and lyrics full of hope against betrayl and the world getting too much.  This really struck a chord with me this morning.

I played this song on the way in to  work twice today, at 6 and a half minutes long this took my entire drive, and it was well worth it.  I had picked up the album from a car boot sale years ago, and confess that I had never really listened to all of it since the day that I bought it.   I am not the biggest fan of this album, but I have grown to appreciate the style of music more than when I was younger, but this track really is a hidden gem, and worthy of its place on my list.



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