12 11 2008

I have been watching a lot of TV lately, mainly because there is a lot of good stuff on.  However, I don’t watch any British TV (apart from Top Gear and Last Man Standing at the moment).  Its all US hour long series that I have become addicted to. 

I think that it started with the X-Files back in the day, with American Gothic with Space above and Beyond (Ive just re watched this, and having never seen the last episode before, I am really dissappointed, not because its a bad story, but because there should have been a second series) on late on friday nights, but then you had about a 10 year spell with nothing really good coming out.

All of a sudden about 4 years ago you had utter brilliance all around.  24, was completely addictive, even if Jack Bauers daughter is the most annoying person in the world, I mean who gets kidnapped twice in one day.  Lost was so fresh and new when itcame out, it was a shame when the latest series got so confusing it was almost unwatchable.  House on the other hand is almost constantly brilliant, now in series 5, Hugh Laurie rules best actor awards for his protrayal of the grumpy, pain-killer addicted, sarcasm monger, and deservedly so.  The worst you can say about that series is that it was formulaic in the way cases were solved every week.

Now, there are new anti-heroes in ever more watchable programmes, where attractive women and guns are the order of the day In Dexter for example, the likeable hero is a police forensics expert and serial killer, Burn Notice I guess is a bit of an update on Macgyver with an ex-spy helping out those that need it.  Chuck however has had the CIA database uploaded into his head and has forced him to turn into a Spy (this has also brought about the Chuck Chug drinking game, where you have to down a shot everytime he remembers something and the image flashes).  Eli Stone has resurrected the career of Jonny Lee Miller (The first Mr Angelina Jolie) as the eponymous lawyer-turned-prophet who has visions of George Michael singing in his office (Its much better than it sounds).

The 2 biggest though have to be Heroes (orinary people discovering their super powers) and Fringe (like the x-files, but with Pacy from Dawsons creek in it). 

What I want to know is why can Britain not make anything like this?  All we get is the very good, but incredibly camp Dr Who, and aimed at the saturday night family audience Merlin and Robin Hood.  I am fed up with sit-coms and reality TV, and have not watched a soap opera since Madge was in neighbours.  I can’t be the only one, so why is there nobody in this country that can make a 24 part comedy/drama/sci-fi series that is cinema qulaity?  I guess its because they are all in America doing exactly that. 


*(I will grant you Life On Mars was good, but I missed the sequal).



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14 11 2008

I bought the complete x files box set a while ago. I have a slight obesession with David Duchovny. I do find it very difficult to commit to US tv shows because of their ridiculously long series. I do watch CSI though

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