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10 11 2008
Caths Cake

Caths Cake

Firstly sorry about the lack of postings, I haven not really done a whole hell of a lot so didn’t want to bung up the internet with more crap.  Secondly I have been having a bit of a turning 30 crisis recently, even though this is not for another 18 months yet.  I should probably choose my reading materials more wisely.

Anyway, this weekend I went to Caths surprise 30th, and once all of the old people from University that I haven’t seen for years left with their kids, we got down to the serious task of drinking Baileys and breathing in Helium.  My personal favourite was Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech.  Think how the world could have been changed if he hadn’t been so shouty, but used helium instead.

Then last night I went to see Micah P. Hinson at the wedgewood rooms, I have seen him twice before, both at festivals, and so this would eb a chance to see a fairly intimate gig.  Until I got there I wasn’t quite sure how intimate it was going to be.  There were tables and chair out in the room and about 60 people turned up in total.  Shame really because it was a fantastic night, and I did something that I can’t ever remember doing at the Wedge, have a conversation with someone that I didn’t know.

The support came from the Retribution Gospel Choir, that feature Alan Sparhawk from Low.  They played slightly psychedelic, mainly rocking songs and came as a bit of a surprise, I suspect that they will feature at some festivals next year, my guess would be at The End of The Road and probably one of the ATP ones.  They hail from Deluth Minnesota, home of Bob Dylan and they added a few covers of his songs.

Then came Micah P. Hinson.  He isn’t your typical frontman, who seems to shy away from the front of theMicah P. Hinson stage, but once he gets going, its difficult to take your eyes off of him.  Singing from behind a big old 50’s style microphone the tone of his voice dominates the room, and his tunes full of their dry wit, got everybodys heads bobbing.  When him and the drummer went into a dualing banjo situation, the crowd went a bit wild.

Probably the worst part of the fact that you had to sit down was the politeness of it all, no one seemed to know when to start clapping and there were moments when the room was completely silent.



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