Off Roading

12 10 2008

I was out on my bike at Queen Elizabeth country Park yesterday, and its good to know that I am getting fitter by I had a bit of a nightmare.  Firstly there was the fact that its mainly wet chalk, which is a bitch to ride on, then I went over the handlears, just ecause I was being a bit of a fool, trying to take a corner that I really shouldn’t have been.

Then onto the second half of the course that I really love I punctured, meaning that I had to walk back to the visitor centre and my car, only to find out I didn’t have my puncture repair kit with me.  So I bought one that said it had tyre levers (Plural) in it, but it only had one, which is no use at all.  After I had borrowed a pair from a passing group, I fixed both holes and decided that I was going to take on the second half again.

Lets just say that I absolutely nailed it.  I flew around, and overtook people, which I rarely do.  I floated over the roots and bumps and managed to get some decent air, which I landed and didn’t puncture again.  I left the park with a big smile on my face and a runny nose.



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