29 09 2008

I ahve been bunged up with cold this weekend, even though the weather was fantastic.  I had been looking forward to another long ride this weekend, but made it to my parents and had to stop for a while before riding back again. 

The problem is that the cold has gone to my lungs and I am worried that it will turn into another chest infection.  I have had to start taking the steroid inhalers again (that I really don’t want to) and a visit to the Asthma clinic is in order.

Anyway in the afternoon I watched the football, the Liverpool derby is always worth watching and then was quite annoyed that Arsenal lost to Hull (I wanted them to keep up the pressure to make the title race a little interesting). 

On Sunday I went for a stroll along the beach while the indian summer lasts, and then watched Pompey beat Tottenham.  Spurs looked like a team that were already beaten from the start, they didn’t seem to have the desire, and had Ekhoto at Left back been playing against anyone better than Glen Little (terrible player, luckily we got him for free) then we could have got more.  Diarra was stupid to get sent off though, but the Housemate made the prediction that he would after 5 minutes as he seemed to be a bit fired up (bad news for my Fantasy league team).

Anyway, there you go, my nose is still running and I want to get rid of this sodding cold.



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