Driving Stats

26 09 2008

My Drive to work

  • Average time taken-15 minutes
  • Number of miles-5
  • Sets of Traffic Lights-14
  • Average time spent at Traffic Lights- 8 minutes

On my drive to work I spend more time sat still than I do driving, and I don’t really live in the middle of a city.  I should start riding my bike.



One response

26 09 2008

Yeah you should ride your bike. But of course riding through rush hour traffic isn’t exactly pleasant. I’ve been out on my bike a lot more recently and I’m begining to remember why I stopped riding in the first place. People pulling out or turning in front of me, grrr! And then some stupid bint crossing the road with her little boy who I could have quite easily knocked over, the most annoying thing about this was she didn’t even acknowledge me when she did look up and saw me hurtling towards her she just carried on slowly waddling across the road!! Anyway, I’ll quit with the ranting.

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